A New Grammar for Science Fiction

Science Fiction is no longer a novelty.

We do not want to read Science Fiction because it is set in the future. Science Fiction must offer some deeper, truer view of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.


More Changes

As issue #5 nears its impending roll-out next week, we've made a few structural changes again. Our vision is a plastic one, and we think change is good - it may be a bit unorthodox in this "business," but that only means we're doing what we set out to do.

First of all: as of issue #6, we will cease offering full, 12-issue-cycle subscriptions. Since we started with zine-style mags - hand-folded and stapled and such -scrounging up (or making!) single issues of those early editions for new subscribers is getting increasingly tricky. So, as of issue #6's launch, subscriptions will be for the second half of the cycle only (issues 7-12). They will also, obviously, cost about half as much. If you need print copies of earlier issues, you can order them individually if they're available. If not (and even if so), we now have digital copies of all back-issues available, and as always, they're a mere buck.

We'll also be limiting our print runs starting with issue #5. There are a hundred-odd boring logistical reasons for doing this, but it amounts to this: only fifty print copies of each issue will be available for individual purchase (i.e., this doesn't include subscribers, bulk orders, etc). So if you really want a print copy, subscribe! Otherwise, get here when we launch and order fast! 

Lastly, we have been forced to discontinue international print subscriptions - costs have simply become prohibitive. But remember, digital subs are cheap, and they don't burn up in fires (though your e-reader and most of your other belongings probably will)!

Thank you all for your patience; being a small, DIY SF mag means rolling with the punches, and we are forever indebted to those of you who've stuck by us this far.

-Nathaniel K. Miller