A New Grammar for Science Fiction

Science Fiction is no longer a novelty.

We do not want to read Science Fiction because it is set in the future. Science Fiction must offer some deeper, truer view of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.


Digital and Hybrid Subscriptions now available!

Alright people, it's live: digital subscriptions are now available. Issues 1-12, as they come, for 10 bucks.

As an added incentive, all print subscriptions will now include a digital subscription. Those of you who already subscribed, you'll be added to the list as well. Issue 1 still needs to be edited for digital format, but that'll be coming everybody's way as soon as it's ready.

For now, digital means a high-quality PDF delivered to the e-mail address of your choosing. Hopefully we can add on other formats in the future - let us know what you'd be interested in!

Everybody loves a hybrid!