A New Grammar for Science Fiction

Science Fiction is no longer a novelty.

We do not want to read Science Fiction because it is set in the future. Science Fiction must offer some deeper, truer view of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.



Nathaniel K. Miller is a writer, artist, musician, editor, philosopher and a lot of other stuff too. As co-editor of Pravic, they typically handle a wide range of duties, from slush-reading and copy-editing to illustrations and layout/design. They are almost finished with an undergraduate degree in philosophy. Past pseudonyms include Jacen Kemp, Jason Miller, Ruby Wiseman, and true names yet unknown. 


Science Fiction


The Exploded Manifestations of Ari Ascher

Turing, Complete

The Glass Who Sang (Audio)

On the Ship Breaking Beach

St. William at the Pearly Gates

The Consecration and Entrustment of the Higher Form to Itself



Non-Genre Fiction and Poetry

These Woods

Horsehair Plaster

Two Poems



The Shore of Forever

You Devil, You: Prometheus in Three Assessments (One, Two, Three)

Gravity Was Terrible (One, Two)

Hannibal and the Transcendence of the Autistic Mind

Clever Machines

Optimism, Agency and the Future of SF

Speculative Career Planning for Writers (One, Two)

Secret Sight


Music etc.

Greymoss / Secret South / Rapid Formations / Flatline Skyline (actual page later this year) / Friendship FoundationCops in Trouble / Arc / Hive Constellation (Archival label for various old material)