A New Grammar for Science Fiction

Science Fiction is no longer a novelty.

We do not want to read Science Fiction because it is set in the future. Science Fiction must offer some deeper, truer view of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.


Issue 2 almost done!

We know, we know, you're wondering where we are. Both editors have had hands full with many projects, including the daunting (and rewarding) task that is slush reading and longer-term work on this magazine. But rest assured, issue two is nearly complete, featuring fantastic tales and other exciting features. The content is all in, and after a thorough proofing and some crafty design work by our own Meri Brin, we expect to have it wrapped by early February.

We have some excellent stories lined up for issue three and maybe even beyond. The quality of the submissions we've gotten has been very high, which is, I assure you, a real treat. Even the stories we've had to reject have been good, by and large. So keep them coming, and keep telling your friends -at least one story you'll see in issue 2 came to us because of positive word on the street. Those of you doing the preaching, thanks a bundle!

Also expect to see some exclusive web content in the next few weeks.
More as it comes...