A New Grammar for Science Fiction

Science Fiction is no longer a novelty.

We do not want to read Science Fiction because it is set in the future. Science Fiction must offer some deeper, truer view of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.


More Teasers...

And now, an excerpt from the chilling (and touching) "Blue Flyers" by SF veteran and cult legend Bob Onopa.


At her four o'clock appointment, her transplant specialist, a matronly female surgeon, completed her screening physical in under a half hour.  In her cool office she shifted a flatscreen around to show Valerie a high definition sonogram of the fetus in her womb.  "Looks wonderful," Dr. Levich said.  "We'll have a perfect match."

            Val squinted.  "So, um, the umbilical cord gets connected to the marsupial, um, pouch?"  Now she wished she knew more.

            "It's a bit more complicated.  The macropodid pouch provides different kinds of teats for joeys at different stages of development.  We use the one appropriate for a first phase joey, who's continuously attached for several months.  Our flyers have been genetically designed to retain that teat indefinitely.  The point is to make the pouch a suitable environment for poikilothermic young."


            "Poikilothermic.  A human fetus, like the first phase joey, is unable to control its body heat, so it needs a host who'll do so with her nutrient supply.  Secondary to the teat, we attach the umbilical cord of your fetus to a tiny umbilicus the marsupial produces when her joey's embryonic.  So we tap into the blood supply as well as the nutrient loop before we suture the pouch.  Given bodyweight and chemistry, and one antibodies injection, we can duplicate the conditions of your womb perfectly. Though we want just the right blue flyer, of course."  Dr. Levich looked at her watch.  "Would you like to see her?  The Carrier we've selected for you?"

            Valerie agreed and finished dressing.  During the walk from the hospital building to the nurseries, she told Dr. Levich how Kenneth had objected to the procedure, how he'd filed a restraining order to keep her from leaving New York, how he'd threatened her.  "He's a younger attorney in my firm.  But we're not married, of course, so...."

            "Only one in six children is born to married couples these days," Dr. Levich told her sympathetically.  "And only one in four is delivered vaginally.  What does he want, an abnormal child?"