A New Grammar for Science Fiction

Science Fiction is no longer a novelty.

We do not want to read Science Fiction because it is set in the future. Science Fiction must offer some deeper, truer view of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.


Guidelines for Submission:

The Short Version:

Words: 2  - 7500. We would LOVE to see a truly great two-word story.

Rate: We are currently not a paying market. Help change that by buying some copies! We will provide contributors with a few issues of the print mag, a digital copy, and copious attention on the site and in our interviews. 

Rights: Because we aren't paying you, we don't expect to get anything out of the deal except the right to feature your story in a single issue (print and digital) of the magazine. Any other uses, including future anthology rights, would be renegotiated at a later time.

Format: Make sure we can read it and contact you back, if you can.

Response Time: If it's been more than a month, we're probably considering it seriously, or we misplaced it somehow. Query if it's been over 2 months. 

Think you got the rest covered? Submit now by sending a universal file-type to


The Long(er) Version:

At Pravic, the story is the thing. Try to keep things reasonable (try to avoid odd spacing & weird fonts, put your name on it, etc.), but don't stress out about it either. Both editors are also writers, so we know how irritating it is to have a million different requirements at each little market. The bottom line: if the story is good, we'll probably see that through some minor variations in format. 

Currently, we are accepting SHORT FICTION, NON-FICTION queries, and ARTWORK submissions. 

We are committed to both diverse stories and diverse voices. We are actively seeking work from women, people of color, LGBTQ folks, the neurodiverse, and other groups underrepresented in SF and fiction generally. We want stories that explore different worlds from people who inhabit different lives.

We like and respect many different styles and approaches, but we do have our proclivities. Read our Commandments for New SF if you need to, or check out an issue. Very good submissions which verge on horror, magical realism, slipstream, fantasy etc. are not out of the question, but what we're mostly after is good science fiction. 

We are currently accepting SHORT FICTION of any length, but please, no novels, novellas etc. FLASH FICTION is fine, and isn't treated any differently. Stories from a series of the author's own creation are fine so long as what you send us speaks for itself. No fan fiction or franchise stuff, please, including Cthulu mythos stuff. 

If you want Pravic to consider a NON-FICTION piece, please send a short description of the topic, and a paragraph or two of the work if you have it - if not, a link to another non-fiction piece will give us an idea of your style. Please specify if you'd like the piece to be considered for the magazine or just the website - if you want it considered for the mag, we may offer to run it on the site, so don't feel like you'll miss your shot if you'd rather try for print. Limiting your submission to the site may mean quicker response times, though.

We're desperate for ILLUSTRATIONS - send us a note with a link to some material! While we appreciate photography, please remember that we're looking for specific images which can accompany our fiction - very nice images of subway cars will likely not fit that bill. 

Cover letters are fine but not required. If we like your story, we'll want to get to know you regardless of your past successes, failures, or total obscurity.

Pravic is committed to presenting challenging stories from all kinds of writers. We've featured big names (Rudy Rucker! Ben Loory!) and relative unknowns, and we've been impressed by all of them. 

So show us your best! Send your story (preferably packaged as a non-infuriating file-type) to