A New Grammar for Science Fiction

Science Fiction is no longer a novelty.

We do not want to read Science Fiction because it is set in the future. Science Fiction must offer some deeper, truer view of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.


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Subscriptions are now available for the current publishing cycle.

Subscribing by cycle means you get issues 1-12 of Pravic. Any time you subscribe within the cycle, you'll get the current and previously published issues (sent in one mailing), with new issues arriving as they're published. Since the stories in Pravic don't get out of date, issue 2 will be just as fresh in a few months as it is now.

New issues will come out roughly every quarter- that means 4 times a year. So a 12-issue subscription keeps you in copies of Pravic for three years.

Subscribers will get also receive special content (to be determined).

For all of you who jumped right in and bought issue 1, we've included an 11-issue subscription, excluding that issue. No double jeopardy here at Pravic!


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